Solar lamps

Solar lamps

We offer the latest generation of solar lamps, which are used to illuminate streets, pavements, pedestrian crossings, bus stops, bicycle paths, football fields and other sports facilities, as well as recreational areas (parks, squares, playgrounds). They can also be used to illuminate larger areas such as large warehouses, commercial buildings or extensive construction sites.

Solar led lamps are characterised by high power and at the same time low price. They are all equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which do not require such intensive charging and accumulate sufficient energy to ensure effective lighting throughout the night (up to 16 hours of continuous use). The lamps are made of top quality materials. They are solid and durable, and also resistant to weather conditions, thanks to which solar street lighting is very efficient. The durability of the materials used is at least 25 years (much longer than that of a traditional lamp) and the whole technology used in our products has been used worldwide for less than 3 years.

Led solar lamps offer

We recommend you the following led solar lamps:

STREET series – the best lamps for lighting roads and bicycle paths, equipped with remote control and motion sensor,
ATLAS series – lamps with motion sensors, ideal for roads, courtyards and promenades,
NAVI series – innovative lamps with a directional panel, they can also be equipped with a wind turbine or a 4G camera and are ideal for lighting any type of terrain, regardless of the surroundings,
TYTAN series – lamps dedicated for illumination of playing fields, unique, intense intensity of light together with remote control guarantee the possibility of using the sports infrastructure even at late hours,
PLAZA series – unique lamps with a unique shape designed to illuminate recreational areas such as playgrounds or outdoor gyms.
All the products we offer have a solar panel built into the luminaire. Thanks to that they look very aesthetically pleasing, and in addition are not exposed to theft in comparison to lamps with external panel and gel battery buried in the ground.

Advantages of using street led lamps

The biggest advantage of hybrid street led lamps is that they work on the principle of free solar lighting, without using an external power source (electricity from the network). So it is a solution that provides very low operating costs. Also important is the fact that these products are reusable and allow multiple installation in case of changing the illuminated area. Their installation is not complicated, so it can be done in a short time. Another advantage of solar street lamp systems offered by us is the ability to illuminate any area in the location selected by the customer. Thanks to the use of solar panels, our lamps can be placed in places where ordinary lamps powered by electricity would not be right.

Other advantages of our products are:

  • very high light intensity – up to 16 000 lumens,
  • long lighting time – even for 4 nights during cloudy weather,
  • equipped with movement detectors – stronger stream of light after detection of movement up to 15 m in each direction,
  • quick implementation due to low formalities (installation of our lamps does not require a building permit),
  • safety and comfort of use,
  • environmentally friendly technology.

Prices of solar street lamps

The price of solar street lamps installed by municipalities or private entrepreneurs in their workplaces is influenced by several important factors. Everything depends on the number of lamps whose task will be to illuminate the selected area. The quantity is obviously influenced by the size of the illuminated area. To the price of the lamps you should also add the cost of the installation carried out by the employees of our company. The total price of street LED lamps is therefore determined individually after consultation with the customer.

Before purchase, we offer you the opportunity to test the selected lamp for free for up to 3 months. For this purpose, just contact us and confirm your interest in this form of offer.

Special offer!

Before purchase we offer you a possibility of testing the chosen lamp for free for up to 3 months. Just contact us and confirm your interest in this offer.