SOLAR LAMPS – offer for municipalities

Dear Sirs,

In our offer we would like to propose solar led lamps, with higher power, at a lower price, of the latest generation, equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which do not require such intensive charging and accumulate a sufficient amount of energy, ensuring effective lighting throughout the night.

We recommend you lamps:

STREET series – lamps especially recommended for lighting roads and bike paths,
ATLAS series – roadside lamps or mounted on promenades, car parks or in parks, their brightness, time and mode are controlled with a remote control,
NAVI series – innovative lamps suitable for practically any terrain; their great advantage is additional equipment such as 4G camera, wind turbine or directional panel,
PLAZA series – lamps with a unique design, used to illuminate playgrounds, outdoor gyms or other recreational infrastructure.
The lamps are made of high-quality materials and are resistant to any weather conditions.

Thanks to the solar panel and battery installed in the luminaire they are more aesthetic and not as heavy as with an external panel and gel battery buried in the ground, exposed to theft.

In our products we use lithium-ion batteries with a capacity from 18Ah, which allow you to maintain voltage for up to 14 hours of continuous lighting, and are also more durable than gel batteries and smaller – which allows, among other things, to improve the aesthetics of the lamp, and also affects the lower cost of installation. Lithium-ion batteries are characterised by a much higher “energy density” than traditional acid or gel batteries, which translates into a significant reduction in size and weight at the same or longer operating time. They are also characterised by many times lower self-discharge, so they do not discharge as easily during storage. These batteries can be recharged at any time, even when not fully discharged, without affecting their capacity. The materials used in lithium ion batteries are more environmentally friendly than those used in acid or gel batteries.

The batteries used in our products are characterised by

  • high energy density,
  • high nominal cell voltage (also electromotive force SEM),
  • low self-discharge rate,
  • high cyclic life,
  • wide operating temperature range,
  • high efficiency (approx. 99%)
  • low internal resistance, which allows for quick charging with low energy losses,
  • ensure use of 100% nominal capacity, regardless of the discharge current. In contrast, “traditional” batteries provide much less usable energy at higher loads.
  • at higher loads. They are also usually limited to only 50% of their nominal capacity to prevent shortening of the service life,
  • several times longer “life span” than lead-acid and gel batteries.

Our luminaires are fitted with modern batteries that recharge during the day and allow the area/road to be illuminated at night (dusk), up to 16 hours of continuous use. The autonomy of our lamps is up to 7 days. The durability of the photovoltaic panels used is at least 25 years, and all the technology used in our products has been used worldwide for less than 2 years.

Especially for you, we offer the possibility of free testing of the chosen lamp for up to 3 months. For this purpose, just contact us and confirm your interest in this form of offer.

We encourage you to contact us.