SOLAR LAMPS – offer for businesses

Dear Sirs,

In our offer we would like to propose solar led lamps of higher power, at a lower price, of the newest generation, equipped with lithium-ion accumulators, which do not require such intensive charging and accumulate sufficient energy to ensure effective lighting throughout the night.

We recommend, among others, TYTAN series lamps intended for illumination of large areas, e.g. warehouses or construction sites. Similar applications are also found in the unique STREET series lamps, which, thanks to their intensive light intensity and remote control, guarantee the possibility of using the illuminated area all night long. Also noteworthy is the ATLAS series lighting, additionally equipped with motion sensors.


  • Free solar lighting – without using mains electricity!
  • Multiple assembly lamps – quick and easy installation in case of changing the illuminated area!
  • Lighting of any area in any location
  • Very high intensity lamps – up to 16,000 lumens!
  • Motion sensors – stronger light output when motion is detected up to 15 m in any direction.
  • Fast implementation due to low paperwork (installation of our lamps does not require a building permit)
  • Safety and comfort.
  • The lamps are made of high quality materials and are resistant to any weather conditions.
  • Thanks to the solar panel and battery installed in the luminaire they are more aesthetic and not as heavy as with an external panel and gel battery buried in the ground, exposed to theft.

Our luminaires are equipped with modern batteries that recharge during the day and allow the lighting of the area/road at night (dusk), up to 16 hours of continuous use. The autonomy of our lamps is up to 7 days. The durability of the photovoltaic panels used is at least 25 years, and all the technology used in our products has been used worldwide for less than 2 years.

We encourage you to contact us.